• Meditation Courses

Introduction to Meditation Course

This 4-week course (once a week) will help you understand the nature of the mind and how to develop concentration and inner stability. Participants are guided in basic techniques with the aim of helping them to establish a daily practice.

Meditation is now recognized as one of the great tools to a healthy mind and body. Learn how to set up a meditation practice, the practices that will lead to a deep meditation, and the basics of the science of mantra.

Members: $64.00   Non-members: $80.00

Meditation & Mantras Course

This 4-week course (once a week) is the continuation of the Introduction to Meditation Course. Further your knowledge of meditation, and learn the power behind the use of mantras, the deities, and their aspects.

The benefits of the mental repetition of a mantra and the chanting of mantras are immeasurable. Mantras open the heart, fill the mind with purity, and generate harmony and divine love.

Topics include:

  • What is mantra?
  • Deeper understanding of the saguna mantras
  • The power of abstract mantras
  • Use of mantras in daily life
  • Channeling emotion through the chanting of mantras

Members: $64.00   Non-members: $80.00