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Our Ashrams and Centers around the world


North America

Sivananda Yoga

Offering a living treasure in the Catskill Mountains, pristine beaches in the Caribbean, an oasis of serenity in Grass Valley, and our majestic International headquarters in Val Morin, Sivananda Yoga in North America is one of the best places in the world to immerse yourself in the traditional ashram environment. Experience complete serenity in a naturally beautiful and peaceful setting. Allow the practice to work its magic.




Sivananda Yoga

Whether rejuvenating yourself in the lush tropical forest of the South or the soaring expansiveness of the Himalayan mountains in the North, our Sivananda Yoga ashrams and centers in India offer an absolutely ideal atmosphere for the practice of Yoga and meditation. Experience the deep resonant vibration where Yoga all began. Come join us, dance in the spiritual essence of life.



Sivananda Yoga

Fresh mountain air, clean rivers and lakes, meadows and quiet forests… Our European ashrams and centers are one of a kind, while at the same time each offering your practice a home. Learn the effect of two yoga classes daily, lectures and workshops, relaxation, meditation and mantra chanting. Enjoy the yogic-vegetarian cuisine. Experience the full rejuvenation of Sivananda Yoga.



East Asia

Sivananda Yoga

Providing retreats for international yoga vacationers and locals alike, our East Asia ashrams and centers’ energy are pure, positive, and as you will gleam from the images below, have a strength beyond measure. They are not to be missed. We invite everyone to visit and to deepen their Sadhana in the wonderful space, together in our shared tradition.


Sivananda Yoga

Warmly nicknamed by our guests and staff as “an Urban Ashram”, our Tel Aviv Center offers a high standard of Yoga and services that welcomes all and is an oasis of peace and rejuvenation in the city. Come and deepen your practice among brilliantly experienced teachers, share in the delight of the gift called “Yoga”.

South America

Sivananda Yoga

There are 9 Sivananda Ashrams around the world – in Canada, India, France, Austria, Bahamas, and the United States. Sivananda South America, while ashram free at present, offers a strong Sadhana. Share in Satsang, Kirtan, and the traditional Sivananda Yoga practice daily at any one of our centers. Learn to connect within as part of a community. Allow the practice to completely transform your life.